Unique NFT ART

All my digital Art is unique and created using tools which include advanced Ai systems. These tools allow me to create images appealing to the eye. Creating this art requires creativity and raw computing power. So in my lab, I create, edit and constantly improve (Kaizen).

You will find my artworks are LIMITED from between 1 to 100. I may keep a couple of editions in my personal wallet.

Drops are NFTs of my digital art but I also do limited prints which are signed, numbered. NFT releases are always announced on my social media, so keep an eye out.

All NFTs will be minted on the Tezos blockchain.

Your chance to own ART as an NFT

NFT Art tezos for Zappynft
NFT Art tezos for Zappynft

Inspired NFT Art

Artists such as Beeple

Beeple made an impact on my way of seeing things. As a nod, my NFT Art features a stats bar for those who enjoy numbers and data with their collectable NFT Art. You could say the data is art too.

You will find some of my NFTs have animation and others not, so always know which kind you are purchasing.

I accept offers (TEZOS)

You are welcome to make an OFFER directly to me once my NFT is minted.

You can make your offer directly on the NFT at OBJKT.com

NFT Art tezos for Zappynft