About ZappyPuma

I have always been interested in art and technology, they always take majority of my time. By day I teach children programming and by night I tinker and experiment with all kinds of things which help me learn.

My art is designed to be high-end and can be displayed or enjoyed on your screen, printed or on digital frames. If you are a gallery and would like to display my art, you are welcome to contact me.

I recently decided to release my creations as NFTs. It was also decided that releases will be limited to help keep value.

All my physical prints are hand signed and numbered.

See Zappy’s NFT Art Gallery or head over to Instagram.



NFT Art is a digital medium object not requiring any underlying asset. You can however link it if you wish to something physical. It can act as a certificate of sorts.

NFT Art is the next generation in collectables and easier than ever to obtain. Only those who stand out will be remembered for their contribution to the NFT space.

One of the most famous NFT Art creators is Beeple. The way he presents his NFT with data inspired my method of presentation of the NFT Art I create. Something about seeing the data of theme, QRcode, file size gives you a good feeling and was a good choice.

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